4 Ways to use our Organic Muslin Wraps, but not as a swaddle

Resources are at a premium right? Time. Space. Me moments. When things are moving so fast, that some days are a blur… who doesn’t love something that can be used in many different ways? Just makes life easy.

We all know about baby muslin wraps. 

They’re, soft, absorbent, easy to clean, don’t need ironing. They take up virtually no space in your bag, drawer or pram.

So, what can you use them for apart from swaddling your bub?

4 Ways to use our Organic Muslin Wraps, but not as a swaddle - Snuggle Hunny

Feeding cover

This is such a popular use for muslin wraps that it feels needless to mention it, however not to would be amiss!!!

So… feeding on the go? A light handy throwover to keep baby on task and your privacy, well, private, a muslin wrap makes the perfect cover.  

Tuck one corner of the muslin wrap into your bra strap or the collar of your top and loosely lay the soft light fabric over baby and everything else.  This can add to a sense of comfort for bub, safe and secure while feeding, especially when others are around, just always make sure there’s an opening.



One of the most common uses for the muslin wrap is burping. The absorbent yet soft fabric of muslin makes muslin wraps such an easy go-to, and if you’ve just used it as a feeding cover, all you need to do is swing it over your shoulder. And voila! Whatever bub brings up during burping, the wrap will take the hit, making sure your nice clean shirt doesn’t.

Drape it loosely and lightly bunched. Don’t smooth it out, because it is thinner than that old towel or cloth nappy you might have been using. But it is way, way more beautiful.


Shade cover

Imagine you’re out and so is the sun. It’s shining… where? Straight into the pram and… it’s sleep time. Never fear! Your muslin wrap is here!

Something as simple as a muslin wrap is your best friend when it comes to the sun. It won’t block out the light completely, but it will create a good amount of shade and a cooler environment for your child. Simply drape the cloth across the opening and if it’s windy, knot two corners over the pram handle, leaving two corners free.

Sun doesn’t just affect bub in a pram however, and light doesn’t just come from the burning ball in the sky. Light in a room might be a little bright for resting bub in the place where you’re visiting, working or catching up for coffee. This is where using the muslin wrap as a shade cover is sooooo versatile. Drape it across your child’s carry cot, stroller, porta cot or car seat. You can even use it to cover the car window (roll the window down, tuck the edge of the wrap over the top of the glass and roll it back up again). Just make sure the muslin cloth is on the inside of the window. 

Of course, it goes without saying, if something is draped over your child’s anything, pram, window whatever, they need supervising, regardless of whether they are awake or having a good snooze. If you need to leave bub for any reason, your muslin needs to leave with you or be folded back and moved out of reach. Never, ever leave a child unattended in a car whether they are sleeping or not. Cars are sealed environments that heat and cool rapidly. In all cases, be mindful of airflow. Make sure heat can escape and air can freely circulate. Loose draping is usually all that’s needed.

Small. Compact. Beautiful. Muslin shade.

Simple as that.


Light Blanket

Live in Northern Australia? What about the Philippines? Some places are blessed to be in perpetual summer. But even if that’s not you, everywhere will have summer sometime. Muslin is the perfect ‘summer blanket’ for bub. Warm, breathable and yet super light, it’s ideal for the bassinette, nursery cot, days out where bub sleeps in the pram or carry cot. They are small enough for cribs and get this – they’re travel friendly! Who wants to take a bulky blanket on holidays when you can whip it right out of your handle bag in all those air-conditioned environments such as aeroplanes, waiting rooms and shopping centres.

You’ll not just use this magic little go-to once, but over and over again!


Muslins wraps should be called ‘much-more-than-swaddles’. But of course that would never catch on, it’s just way too long. But they are light, washable, portable and versatile and some…. are simply beautiful.

Conclusion? Have a muslin wrap on hand… always. Even if it’s your neighbour who has the bub.