Cloth Nappies Explained

Our new collection of Snuggle Hunny x Econaps cloth nappies has arrived at Snuggle Hunny and we're so excited!

This is a dream collab bringing together Australa's favourite reusable nappy with our iconic prints to create our own Snuggle Hunny Nappies.

I love reusable nappies and used them with both my baby boys. They're really easy to use, save you money and help reduce waste heading to landfill. Ours are also absolutely gorgeous!

Modern Cloth Nappies | Snuggle Hunny

What are they?

Reusable nappies, also known as Modern Cloth Nappies, are an alternative to disposable nappies. Forget the old terry cloth nappies that used to be used, these are easy to use and you won't see any safety pins in sight! MCN's come with an outer waterproof shell and two bamboo inserts to soak up the wee. The bamboo inserts can be used on their own or doubled up for extra absorbency. 


How do I use the nappies?

Use these reusable nappies exactly as you would disposables - just don't throw them away. If the shell of the nappy isn't soiled you can replace the bamboo inserts only. They have snaps on them so you can adjust them to be smaller for a newborn or larger for a toddler. 


How do I wash them?

For the inserts you'll want to flick the poop down the loo and I gave them a scrub with a soap bar to give them a superficial clean. Then I stored then in a dry bucket. Typically every couple of days I'd wash on a pre-wash at 60 degrees and then do the main wash. If the shell gets poop on it (it happens) I washed these separately on a cooler wash to prevent the waterproof shell deteriorating. 


How many nappies do I need

I found I needed on average 6 nappies a day. I recommend having 18 to 24 on hand if you're planning to use them full time. That way you have some being used, some in the wash, and some waiting to be used. 


What are the benefits of reusable cloth nappies?

There are lots of great benefits including...

  • Saving money - using reusables mean you save around $1000 per baby
  • Helping reduce waste - a baby would use, on average, 5000-10,000 nappies in their nappy wearing life. That's a lot of nappies heading to landfill.
  • Helps with nappy rash - babies wearing reusables tend to have fewer issues with nappy rash. From a data point of 1, I had no issues with either of my boys.
  • Fewer harmful chemicals - Disposable nappies often contain various chemicals, including fragrances and dyes. Reusable nappies minimise a baby's exposure to these potentially harmful substances. 

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