How to Style your Nursery with Australiana

Having a baby is a beautiful time where you discover a whole new side to your identity: being a Mama. And what you may not realise right now, is how preparing your nursery before bub arrives will be a welcome relief once they are here!

Getting your nursery ready taps into that beautiful phenomenon we know as nesting! Your heart is already living in the new reality and your busy little house-prepping-swing turns that reality into a space ready for the little life inside you to come and live in. It’s a beautiful way of channelling some of the excitement, the wonder and the waiting.

Australiana is a bright, beautiful print that celebrates the flora and fauna of Australia. We find it makes for great gifts too.

Once bub arrives, you will be busy looking after them and a well organised nursery can turn moments of chaos into moments of relief when everything is right where it is supposed to be.

A calm, organised, space makes your nursery a sanctuary for you and bub. You do not have to ‘do’ anything in that room except change nappies and care for your little one because you prepared the space and the details, in advance.

Having a ‘perfect’ nursery then becomes suddenly, wonderfully practical. It may even become your favourite place to be in the whole house.

How to Style your Nursery with Australiana - Snuggle Hunny

3 Tips for styling a nursery easily

1. Use a soft, relaxing, neutral colour palette for the big pieces like the walls, the cot, other furniture. This is a room for sleeping and bright colours can stimulate when you want to create a sense of peace. You will be less likely to change these items in the coming years if they are easy on the eye and bring a sense of calm.

2. Use soft furnishings like sheets, pictures, decals and pillows to accent with 1-2 colours or stunning patterns. These items are easy (and less expensive) to change out as your child or your family grows.

3. Make your goal to be practical, rather than perfect. Being organised is about function.

E.G Store a good stack of nappies within easy reaching distance from your change table.

Styling your nursery is all about simplicity! Work only with what you love and edit out the rest. It will create a space for you and bub that leaves both of you with a wonderful feeling of organised calm.