Save with Buy, Swap, Sell

Our Snuggle Hunny Buy, Swap, Sell (BSS) group has been live only a short time but it has had a huge impact already. Join our BSS Group

Not only does it help save you money but it also means our gorgeous Snuggle Hunny outfits have future lives. Our clothing, wraps, bedding and blankets are GOTS Certified Organic and they're made to last. By keeping our clothes moving and out of landfill means you're helping our planet too. 

Our BSS group means that you can sell or swap any clothing your little hunny might have grown out of and, if you're in search of something, someone might have it! And that's the fun bit - you'll discover SH history!

The Benefits

  • You'll be able to save some dollars and make some dollars too!
  • By giving pre-loved clothes and bedding a second chance, we're reducing the environmental impact and showing Mother Earth lots of love!
  • Treasure hunt time/ plant protection: Shopping on Snuggle Hunny’s Buy Swap Sell page is like going on a treasure hunt with your little Hunny! You never know what gems you might find that you didn’t even know existed. 
  • Join the Snuggest fashion club: By joining Snuggle Hunny’s buy, swap, sell community, you're not just getting cute clothes, you're also becoming part of a friendly group of parents who share tips, tricks, and adorable outfit ideas. It's like having a virtual village of likeminded friends!
  • Teaching tiny eco-warriors: What better way to teach your children about sustainability than by showing them how fun it can be? Get them involved in picking out pre-loved clothes and explain how it helps the planet. They'll feel like eco-warriors in training!


How our Buy Swap Sell works

All you need to do is join our BSS Group and read through our rules (which explains how we run and what needs to happen) e.g. Every post needs to be named and dated if you are selling something to make sure those items are yours e.g. (Elizabeth Smith 04/04/2024). After you have made yourself familiar with the rules you can simply start posting any Snuggle Hunny items you that need rehoming or you can buy items from others. We also allow you to post asking if anyone has an item you’ve been searching for!

Make sure you use an eye-catching photo with only Snuggle Hunny items in it to catch people’s attention, if they can see everything you have to sell, they will be more inclined to follow along on your post. Set a clear price and list how much postage is or if they can pick up from your location. Putting as many details as possible in the post will help make quick sales without having to ask the questions.


Here is an example of how to list an item..

  • Take a photo of all the items you want to sell with a piece of paper with you name and date on it (Elizabeth Smith 04/04/2024) and post it as a post with as much details as possible- eg (Destash of Snuggle Hunny that no longer fits all Size 1, postage will start at $10.90 tracked or you can pick up from Brisbane. PayPal payment only). Adding all that detail covers most questions people might have.
  • Post a clear photo of each item on its own in comments. Each items needs its own comment.
  • For each item in each comment indicate the price you're looking for, the quality of the item and the size of the item eg ( $15, BNWT, Size 2)
  • Wait for people to comment sold. Once an item has sold the buyer is responsible for sending you a screenshot of the items they have said sold on (the screenshot helps you keep track of the items) to organise payment and postage details. Once they have paid you go back on your post and add in comments SOLD to let others know that item has sold.
  • Once sold and paid for post that item out within a few days and send the buyer their tracking number.


We have some abbreviations listed on our group that everyone can use in their posts when listing an item..

  • Buy Swap Sell - BSS
  • In Search Of – ISO
  • Brand new with tags – BNWT
  • Brand new without tags – BNWOT
  • Excellent used condition – EUC
  • Very good used condition – VGUC
  • Good used condition – GUC
  • Play condition – PLAY
  • Next in line – NIL
  • Sold – Sold
  • Pass – Pass

These are to be listed on each item to let people know the quality of the item you're selling. If you’re looking for an item you can let people know you’re in search of an item in a certain quality. We have a quality guide on the BSS group to help guide you.


If you are the buyer and looking for different items...

If you find an item you want simply comment “sold” on each individual item you want or if someone has already commented sold but you really want it you can comment NIL which means Next in line and if the person who commented before you ends up Passing, the item is then yours. In the case an item becomes yours the seller will then let you know that the original person passed.

Once you have commented sold on an item you will then screenshot this and send to the seller on Messenger to organise payment and postage. Make sure you do this in a timely manner.   


If you are looking to swap an item for something else...

Please make sure you follow all the above ie add a photo with your name and date, size & quality and make sure you list what item you are wanting to swap it for exactly.  The person responding to your post needs to have photos with their name and date, size & quality of the item they are offering. Once you agree, private message each other to sort out postage.


If you are 'In Search Of' an item (ISO)

Please make sure you write the items you are looking for along with the quality and size you want e.g. (I’m ISO a size 2 Belle dress only BNWT or EUC). Adding a photo of what you’re searching for will help increase your chances of finding the item, especially if others have the item but don’t know the name of it. People will then comment on your post with a photo of the item they have NAMED & DATED with the price they are wanting and then you will choose which one suits you and comment SOLD on it. Then start private messaging with payment and postage details.


When it comes to payment…

We suggest paying with and only accepting PayPal to avoid any potential issues. Snuggle Hunny & Admins are not responsible for any scams from the BSS page but we do put actions in place to stop it from happening.

We have postage prices in our featured part of the BSS page along with rules and condition guidelines.

Happy Buying, Swapping and Selling!

You can join our Buy Swap Sell Facebook Group here and also our VIP Facebook Group too!