Year in Review 2022

What a year! 2022 was a big year for us at Snuggle Hunny with lots of new products, new customers and much more. Thank you all for your support and love this year and all the years before. Your support keeps us doing what we do. 

So when we look back here are some of the stand outs....

We've had lots of photo shoots this last year and, thanks to you, we've worked with over 100 gorgeous little snuggly models, the majority of whom are our customers (well Mum or Dad is). 

We are proud to work with some charities close to our hearts. This year these include Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Miracle Babies and Wheen Bee Foundation. We've donated over $27,131 to these charities via financial and product donations. Find more about our community work. 

We've also launched lots of new products and 9 new collections that you have loved. 

Year in Review 2022 | Snuggle Hunny Kids

Thanks to you, our customers and stockists, we sent out over 520 Aus Post cages filled full of your orders. That's a lot of parcels!

We also saved 1.5 tonnes of plastic. We made the decision earlier in the year to remove all plastic from our packaging so product packaging, poly bags and satchels we send orders in. This is not a small project and from July our mailers changed over to compostable mailers. In September a lot of our new season range came in compostable packaging. This is just the tip of the iceberg but so far we've saved a tonne of plastic, well one and a half of them! More coming on this in 2023. You can find out more about what we're doing in terms of our impact and our commitment to being better.

Year in Review 2022 | Snuggle Hunny Kids

One of the aims we had this year was making more of our product out of conscious fabrics and moving to certified organic cotton. We rallied really quickly and in a few months made sure 85% of our Spring/ Summer collection was certified organic. Last year 45% of the collection was certified organic so a big increase. We're now moving all products to be certified organic. What we are really delighted about is that one of our suppliers has changed their processes and standards to meet our strict criteria and has become a GOTS Certified Organic factory. 

In addition we also offset all of our emissions from our operations and the orders we send out by working with Greenfleet. 

Year in Review 2022 | Snuggle Hunny Kids

Our Snuggle Hunny team has grown and this year we've added 13 snugglers to the mix. This includes Julie and Tom (new owners) and lots more amazing people across buying, marketing, design, the warehouse, and customer care. 

We've also welcomed 30 Snuggle Squadders. There are 30 of you who ust love Snuggle Hunny and wanted to be part of our Snuggle Squad. Thanks for joining. 

And finally, last but not least, our team has a very unhealthy obsession with Red Frogs. We blame Kane for ordering them from Officeworks as he orders pens! We've eaten a lot - so many we probably should stop counting, 

Thanks for being on our 2022 journey with us and here's to 2023! Have a great year and hope you love everything snuggly .

Year in Review 2022 | Snuggle Hunny Kids