How to Re-Tie a Bow Clip

How to re-tie a Bow Clip:

Snuggle Hunny Kids’ bow clips are a simple and stylish way to add some wow to any little girl’s outfit! Pre-tied, our little girl bow clips are easy to clip on, take off and store.

If your piggy tail clip or bow clip has come undone, is quite an easy fix, just grab yourself a safety pin.  If it is the back loop, closest to the clip, pinch it and pop the safety pin through. Then what you’ll need to do, in between the loop that's at the front, and the ribbon itself,  you need to thread the pointy end back through just gently, to come through on the other side. 

Just gently tease it, to pull it through. The safety pin will probably put a couple of little holes in the ribbon, don't worry, you're not going to see it because this pointy end of the ribbon disappears back into the bow.  If your loop is a bit smaller, you just need to tease it back out until your end of the ribbon disappears back into the loops and you've got two nice even loops here again on the side.  

Then if it's at the front it's the same thing, however, you might still get a couple of little holes in the ribbon and you might not like that. So, let's try first without using the safety pin.  Pinch it in half so that you get a nice tight little end and then you just want to thread it back through, this time in the front of the bow, underneath the centre that's holding everything together.  You’ll see it just easily poke through there, just be a bit patient, it’s tiny, pull the little bit through.  Now, you’ve got your loop back, just finesse it until it looks like it's supposed to look.  You probably have the other one that you can copy and finesse it until it’s looking like it’s supposed to. There we go. Bow clips fixed.