How to Style a Baby Gift Basket

How to style a gift Basket:

Snuggle Hunny Kids is your go-to place for baby shower and new baby gifts.  

When looking for baby gift ideas think original, unique and most of all practical. Products that can be used to care for the baby and/or set up their nursery are ideal. Baby gifts are best when they include items that are useful within the first few months of the baby’s arrival. We are going to show you how to create a beautiful baby hamper/basket for a baby gift shower or hospital gift, using the items shown. Find yourself the right sized basket and remove all the packaging from your Snuggle Hunny goodies. Place your goodies in the basket and style them to suit. Add taller items at the back and shorter items at the front to add height and interest. Finesse your items in the basket to make it look pretty. Once you have finished positioning your items, you are ready to add the finishing touches. Add a few faux leaves, vines or flowers that match your gift, to complete the look. And there you have it, a gorgeous gift hamper/basket for a Baby Shower or Newborn Gift.