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Be a brand ambassador and share the love for Snuggle Hunny

Join the Squad

Join the Squad

Do you love Snuggle Hunny and want to share your love with the world? Our Snuggle Squad is just for you! We are looking for amazing Mums, Dads and Caregivers with their little snugglers to join our Squad and be a Snuggle Hunny Ambassador. 

We are now looking for new ambassadors. 

What we're looking for....

We're looking for 20 ish ambassadors to join us for a period of six months. During that time we'll send you goodies for you to talk about, share and promote on your social channels. You don't have to have a huge following but you do need to have a public engaged audience, however small. Your audience could be primarily Instagram or Tik Tok and you need to be regularly creating good content. We're looking for newborns, babies and toddlers (up to the age of 2). You also need to love Snuggle Hunny! That is super important. 

What we're looking for....
The Partnership

The Partnership

Over the six months we'll send you products and new ranges. We need you to...

  • Post at least twice a month on Instagram (in grid and stories) or Tik Tok tagging us. This should be at least one reel and images featuring your baby/ toddler wearing our clothes/ wraps/ accessories.
  • Send us your content without watermarks
  • Love us as much as you can 
  • Share your discount code on instagram
  • Note your instagram account shouldn't be private

Apply Now

Email us at with....

  • Your name
  • Town, State, Country
  • Social handles
  • Ages of your child/ children
  • Image of your child/children decked out in Snuggle Hunny
  • Let us know why you want to be an ambassador
  • Let us know your favourite Snuggle Hunny product
  • An example reel and social post


Thanks for applying and loving Snuggle Hunny xx

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